A number of key technologies underpin a leading-edge telecommunications network such as ours. The most important advances in technology that have made our network possible are:

  • Optical fibre as the basic medium for carrying high-speed communications.
  • Digital transmission to move voice and data reliably across networks.
  • Packet networks to provide resilient, flexible routing of information.
  • Next Generation Networks that intelligently control the flow of any content.
  • Broadband wireless, Fixed wireless copper and fibre access technologies to connect users to networks.

The network and the technologies are designed to deliver essential voice, data and Internet services, our value-added services will include various Intelligent Network (IN) services, messaging, email, web services, hosting, portals, e-commerce and video as well as other multimedia. The entire network will be managed end-to-end using an IT support system environment based on international best practice.

Neotel has deployed next generation technologies in the build of a wold class network with global reach

Read the technology FAQs for more information on our telecommunications technologies.

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