Connecting to the Internet or having a chat on the phone shouldn’t be a hassle. We can provide solutions ideal for your home communication needs.

NeoBroadband LTE: 

Using our superior and robust LTE Network, NeoBroadband delivers an unparalleled Internet experience to businesses looking for a fixed or fixed wireless, uncapped and unshaped solution with speeds of up to 10 Mbps. Unlike other heavily contended broadband services, NeoBroadband offers a fast and efficient Internet service with very little contention.

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Today you can get a home phone with no installation, which offers voice, data and SMS all-in-one.

  • NeoConnect Lite: A cordless home phone solution that offers SA's best call rates and allows you to select a voice package to suit your needs

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  • NeoConnect Home: An all-in-one voice & data solution that gives you a choice of bundles and payment methods, all on a single account.

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We all have to wait for the bus, wait at the bank and wait for the traffic to clear. With our multi-user Internet service, NeoFlex Data, you don’t have to wait for your turn to connect to the Net.

  • NeoFlex Data: A solution that presents a multi-user, high-speed, high-capacity data service and is best suited to small home offices, SMEs or high-data usage home users.

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  • NeoFlex MyFi and MyFi Plus: “Neotel’s MyFi router and Tablet product offering in the South African SMME and Consumer market segment intends to satisfy the current consumer demand of a cost effective data and tablet combination., by offering High Speed Internet access where network coverage is available. The product provides for mobility by utilizing a non-geographic number range as previously supplied by ICASA for this purpose.”

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  • NeoFlex WiMax Lite: “The NeoFlex WiMax Lite service is set to give customers access to high speed hassle free internet without having to worry about unreasonable out-of-bundle charges or being capped half way through the month. The flexibility to upgrade or downgrade via a simple software change gives customers the freedom to manage their internet requirements. We continue to focus on improving the user experience, and are committed to providing high-quality internet services at affordable prices.”

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You’ll have to slip out of the house some time, right? Fortunately with our NeoGo service, you can now connect on the move.

  • NeoGo Datacard: A data card that offers you mobile access with 2GB & 3GB bundle options.

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